Specialty Clinic


Advanced Care. Close to Home.

Office Location Days Hours Phone
Van Wert Health Center, Suite 209                Monday - Friday               8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.                419-238-8621              

When it comes to your health and the health of your family - experience matters! When you need to see a specialty physician for cancer, kidney, joint, or foot care, Van Wert County Hospital is making it even easier for you to access.

As the only facility of its kind in the area, the Specialty Clinic offers a broad range of health care specialties in one convenient location. Visiting physicians rotate through the clinic holding office hours throughout the month.

  Dr. Chad Asher 
  Dr. Marlene Bultemeyer
Dr. Isa Canavati
  Dr. Steven Eddy
Orthopedic Surgeon
  Dr. Vijay Goyal
Hematology and Oncology
Dr. Todd Hixenbaugh
General Surgery
  Dr. Jeff Kachmann
Dr. James Kemmler
Dr. Robert Neidich
  Dr. Greg Johnson
Dr. Maria Valcarcel
  Dr. Shawn Ward

 Physician  Specialty Office Days  Frequency  Main Office Location  Physician Referral
 Dr. Chad Asher  Nephrology  Monday  Twice a month         Fort Wayne                        Yes
 Dr. Marlene Bultemeyer          Neurology  Tuesdays  Weekly  Fort Wayne  Yes
 Dr. Isa Canavati  Neurosurgery  Thursday  Monthly  Fort Wayne  No
 Dr. Steven Eddy  Orthopedic  Tuesday  Weekly  Fort Wayne  No
 Dr. Janaki Emani  Ear, Nose & Throat  Monday  Twice a month  Lima
 Dr. Vijay Goyal  Hematology & Oncology           Thursday  Weekly  Lima  Yes
 Dr. Todd Hixenbaugh   General Surgery  Wednesday    Twice a month        Lima  No
 Dr. Jeff Kachmann  Neurosurgery  Wednesday   Once a month  Fort Wayne  No
 Dr. Rudy Kachmann  Neurosurgery  Thursday  Once a month  Fort Wayne  No
 Dr. James Kemmler  Orthopaedic  Friday  Weekly  Celina  No 
 Dr. Robert Neidich  Gastroenterology       Wednesday        Weekly  Lima  Yes

 Dr. Maria Valcarcel  Nephrology  Thursday  Twice a month  Fort Wayne  Yes
 Dr. Shawn Ward   Podiatry  Wednesday   Twice a month  Lima  No