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The Gift of Health


“I am proud to call Van Wert County Hospital MY hospital!” a recent patient at Van Wert County Hospital said. Other patients describe their experiences as “exceptional,” stating staff members were “friendly, helpful, caring, and courteous!” For over 100 years, Van Wert County Hospital has provided quality health care services to the Van Wert community.

With community support, Van Wert County Hospital remains an independent non-profit institution. Local donations assist the hospital in meeting critical needs and expanding medical services. Our Board of Trustees exhibit a commitment to being responsible caretakers of those donations, as well as of the total financial resources of the hospital. Most recently, updates occurred in the medical imaging department; the surgical area was equipped with state-of-the-art lighting; and many overall technology updates have improved the efficiency of the entire hospital.

Today the need is more critical than ever to insure that our community is provided quality and affordable local health care. Donations are needed to recruit and retain talented staff; to maintain and improve our facilities and equipment; to research and develop cutting-edge programs; and to offer assistance to patients in need. With your help, Van Wert County Hospital can remain strong and independent providing outstanding health care for future generations. Please consider investing in the gift of health and join us by saying, “I am proud to call Van Wert County Hospital MY hospital!” 

For more information, contact Investor Relations at or 419.238.8623.

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